Nathaniel R. Helms: “We-The-People Better Get A Move On”

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Watching the Republicans walk away with the national wallet while the Democratic leadership stood by wringing hands over who grabbed whose ass will one day be recorded as the week the so-called Democratic Party in America died.

The problem with saying that is the Dems, at least in the ideal, represent the we-the-people who still believe our government is the voice of the people. If that is the case, we the people screwed up big time in counting on our Democratic leadership to represent us. Instead of actually doing anything besides depending on fossils in Washington to perform, we whined about our right to be this and that and the other thing. Lost in the orgy of personal freedoms being celebrated when Trump seized control is the fact that everything has a cost. What about the people’s obligations?

Once upon a time, inflamed Americans took to the streets where the vibrant, palpable…

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Chris Lavin: “Abolishing ‘net neutrality’ will cost more, reduce service, censor content”

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paiFCC Chairman Ajit Pai, a former Verizon honcho, celebrates the elimination of net neutrality rules that lets Internet providers such as Verizon and AT&T charge for preferential service. (Photo by Washington Post)

Way back in 2012, this is what happened: AT&T had a panic attack when a new version of Apple’s operating system — which allowed users of iPads and iPhones to video chat people with FaceTime — wasn’t making them any money. So they threw a switch, and blocked the newest users from using it for “free.” (Users were still paying the same to AT&T to be their Internet provider using unlimited data plans.) AT&T was not-so-helpfully saying, “If you want to switch to our new shared plan, instead of your old (and cheaper) unlimited or tiered plan, then ‘FaceTime’ away! Otherwise, ahem, you can’t do it any more.” AT&T’s excuse for the blockage was, “This is causing…

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