The Shinbone Star: “Where there’s smoke there’s Donald Trump Junior”

This is written by Glenn Redus from the blog, “The Shinbone Star”. Click on the link below to read the entire post.

[One thought: does cyberwar count as war?]



Phew, what’s that stench?

Donnie Trump Jr., big game hunter, with an elephant tail. May this disgusting photo prove prophetic.

I think that’s the smell of collusion and gunpowder, folks, thanks to the smoking pistol that just dropped out of Donnie Junior’s pants.

If you’re reading this, then I’m betting you’re already familiar with Junior’s little e-mail problem, so I won’t recount the whole story here, but if you missed it, click this LINK to check out what journalist heroes at The New York Times have to say. But if you’re among the enlightened, you’ve probably already been thinking about the latest events, and here’s what I think I think:

  • People are starting to utter the T-word, meaning treason. Yes, I know treason is a specific legal term, and that in order to commit treason you have to actually be at war with the other country. We’re not at war with…

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