Please Keep Calling Your Senators: NO Trumpcare

Please Keep Calling Your Senators: NO Trumpcare

Call your senator: Phone numbers for every office of every U.S. senator,” by David Nir, Daily Kos; February 2, 2017

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Coming soon – ‘Trumpcare 3.0: Return of the Sociopaths’

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Tell your Senators to vote No on Trumpcare. When you call, please refer to it as “The Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017” (or BCRA). Although it may be currently referred to as H.R. 1628, this may change as the bill reaches the Senate floor for a vote.



For Android users, texting your Zip Code to (520) 200-2223 is a quick and convenient way to get the telephone numbers for your Senators and Representatives.

If you know who your members of Congress are, call this number: 202.225.3121 and ask to speak to one of them.

If you do not know your Representative or Senators, click here:Members of U.S. Congress

Otherwise, this will be a useful link for folks who want to contact Senators and Representatives in Washington to tell them no vouchers, no premium supports and no privatization.

You can also use this site to send a fax to your member of Congress

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Coming soon – “Trumpcare 3.0: Return of the Sociopaths”

Mitch McConnell is a slimy bucket of maggot pus. You should expect him to do anything and everything to get Trumpcare passed.

Senate Tax Cut (“Healthcare”) Draft

  UPDATE July 14, 2017: Trumpcare 3.0 has arrived. See, “Trumpcare 3.0: From Bad to Worse”. This follows a second revision that was released on June 26, 2017; the earlier revision (Trumpcare 2.0) can be found HERE. The Senate Republican TAX Cut bill disguised as a healthcare bill was released on June 22, 2017. A … Continue reading Senate Tax Cut (“Healthcare”) Draft