Trump’s Business Acumen: Profit from other’s pain


Trumpettes say they voted for him because he was successful at business, so …. he would know how to run the country …


Trump’s bankruptcies – Who pays?

Yep, Donald Trump’s companies have declared bankruptcy…more than four times,” by Linda Qiu, PolitiFact; June 21, 2016

Excerpt: Trump has actually filed Chapter 11 six times, four times within two years in the 1990s, once more in 2004 and once more in 2009.

Trump Bankruptcy Math Doesn’t Add Up,” NBC News; June 24, 2016



Trump University: N.Y. attorney general says ‘this is straight up fraud,’” by David Wright, CNN; June 2, 2016

Trump University: It’s Worse than You Think,” by John Cassidy, The New Yorker; June 2, 2016

What the Legal Battle Over Trump University Reveals About Its Founder,” by Steven Brill, TIME; November 5, 2016

Before Taking the White House, Trump Due in Court over Fraud,” by Abigail Tracy, Vanity Fair; November 9, 2016

Donald Trump’s Legal troubles aren’t over just Because He Won,” by Tessa Berenson, TIME; November 11, 2016

Excerpt: The Trump University lawsuit isn’t the only legal headache hanging over the president-elect. New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (who also brought a case against Trump University in 2013), is investigating Trump’s foundation, after it was found in October to have violated state law by soliciting donations without the proper charity certification. Additionally, the FBI is conducting a preliminary inquiry into former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort’s foreign business ties, NBC reports, a potential conflict that had already caused Trump to distance himself from Manafort. And Trump has sued two D.C. restaurateurs for pulling out of deals to operate in his new hotel.

“It is unusual for a president-elect to be entering the Oval Office with these types of live legal issues involving the business entities that he had been running,” says Caleb Burns, a partner at Wiley Rein LLP focused on election law and government ethics.

Gee, you think?


The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet,” by David A. Graham, The Atlantic; October 13, 2016






















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